Your hosts

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Gemma McCaw

Three-time Olympian Gemma is excited to welcome you on this three-day journey of wellness, relaxation and learning. A passionate advocate for wellness education, the former New Zealand Women’s Hockey team member holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. She is passionate about sharing her insights and is committed to helping women lead happy and fulfilling lives.

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Dr Sarah Anticich

Dr Sarah is a registered clinical psychologist with specialist expertise in anxiety prevention and promotion of wellbeing. Translating the latest scientific evidence into practical tools for everyday use, Sarah is committed to helping women enhance their wellbeing. She can’t wait to join you on this weekend of blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Associate Professor Caroline Bell

Caroline is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Otago. Her work over the last decade has been to understand what promotes wellbeing and resilience after exposure to disasters. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and what she has learned.


Brooke Neal

Brooke Neal is a former New Zealand hockey player, recently retiring from the game after playing 176 games for the Black Sticks since her debut in 2014. She competed at the 2016 Olympic Games, and more recently, she won Gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2018. Brooke is also a mentor to high school athletes, running an initiative called ‘All About Balance’ which gives young female athletes support and practical tools for their mental well-being, in a competitive environment.

Brooke is also a qualified yoga teacher. She has always been drawn to Yin style yoga, although she sees the benefit in all styles. She finds that the contrast between her hectic life and the calmness in a yoga class brings balance in her life.

Her classes are all about connecting your mind to body, so that you leave feeling refreshed, grounded, and empowered. They are designed for anybody, and that means any body! No experience needed.